The Wandering Voice Actor

Traversing the web to lend his talents.

Current projects:



  • Oblivia Fantasy: Episode 1
  • Cast as: Oblivion Syndicate (1, 2, 3)
  • Producer: Blazing Gamer
  • Status: Finished (Link will be added once NG stops acting up.)
Audio Drama
  •  Name: Gypsies Miracle Soap Opera
  • Producer:Gwendolyn Jensen
  • Character: Steven Paulson
  • Status: Working on script
  • Name:Tokyo mew mew abridge Series
  • Producer:Hiki Yagami
  • Character: Seiji 
  • Status: Working on script
  •  Name:Bounty Aces
    Producer: Hugo Damas 
    Character: Bel O'Ryan
  • Status: Sent in lines



  • Name:Oblivion Guard Prologue
    Producer:Randy Johnson
    Character: Beggar
  • Status: Sent in lines
  • Name: Lumina
    Producer: Kat Korvus
    Character: Trainer Newman
  • Status: Recieved script