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Posted by whitenekomata on May 3, 2009 at 9:15 PM


When:                     04.14.08

Name:                     Mai-Otome s.ifr Fandub

Cast as:                  Cyborg 2 and Man 5

Producer:               Fetkun

Status:                    Finished

Link Part 1

Link Part 2

Link Part 3

When:                     04.28.08

Name:                     YuYu Hakusho Voice actor Mix up

Cast as:                 John Burgmeier As Kuwabara

Producer:              Rei-chan

Status:                   Finished


When:                   05.06.08

Name:                   Sweet Punch 3

Cast as:               Dark Swordsman

Producer:            Silver19

Status:                 Finished


When:                 06.04.08

Name:                 SATAM

Cast as:              Antonie

Producer:          Aurora Redwinters

Status:               Finished" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Link 


When:                 06.16.08

Name:                 Angelique OVA Episode One

Cast as:              Zephel

Producer:          Stephee

Status:               Finished


When:                07.03.08

Name:               Final Fantasy VIII - The Remake - Episode III

Cast as:            Fake / President Vinzer Deling

Producer:         Shudo-Ranmaru

Status:              Finished

(See Samples for Videos)

When:                  07.06.08

Name:                  Tengen Toppa Hayate The Combat Butler

Cast as:              Himegami

Producer:           Taru Cha

Status:                Finished


When:                08.01.08

Name:                RomeoxJuliet Episode Seven [Fandub]

Cast as:            Curio, Soldier 1 and 2

Producer:         Kari

Status:              Finished

Link Part 1

Link Part 2

When:             08.02.08

Name:            Outlaw Star - Episode 6 - The Beautiful Assasin

Cast as:         Bodyguard B

Producer:      Eternal_Cosmos

Status:           Finished



When:            05.21.09

Name:            //Chrono Cross//

Cast as:        Guile

Producer:     JessicaLaura

Status:          In Production



When:            06.13.09

Name:           Orange Planet

Cast as:        Eisuke

Producer:     Xinmei

Status:          Episode 1 finished

Link:              Part 1  Part 2

When:            07.01.10

Name:           Clannad Another Abridged: Episode 07 - Crab Shaped Enemies


Cast as:        Yuda

Producer:     ClannadAAS

Status:          Finished" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Link:            



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